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Good news for South Central Kentucky

By Jennifer Moonsong Central Division, General Manager Jobe Publishing, Inc.

All too often in the newspaper business, the news we have to share is bad news. Since the 2009 recession, much of the serious news shared has been about businesses closing, jobs being lost, and all that goes with it.

Needless to say, it was refreshing to hear some good news last Friday when Gov. Matt Bevin made the official announcement regarding Pennington Stave and Cooperage Corp.’s plans to locate in Metcalfe County.

Such a facility coupled with the long term investments being made will mean good things for people now, and for the future, with the promise of approximately 126 full-time jobs.

Although the timeline is still uncertain, this announcement has reinstalled some hopefulness for an economically depressed region.

For me personally, the best thing about the announcement is that potential it brings.

When such a business located in a region, more good fortune usually follows. A step up out of the stagnation and negativity of recent years can only be good, especially in a place where children grow up and have to leave home to find gainful employment.


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