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Support your county fair

Jennifer Moonsong
Central Division, General Manager
Jobe Publishing, Inc.

It’s a right of passage. It’s a summer tradition. In tiny towns like ours, it’s often the highlight of the summer. It’s almost County Fair time.

It’s been sad in recent years to see less people out enjoying the many events the fair has to offer. With everything from a talent contest and pet show to rodeos and rides, there is something for everyone.

I guess that’s why it’s shocking that more people don’t attend the events.

I imagine attendance isn’t what it was when I was kid because since that time things like iPhones, Netflix, YouTube, myriad video games and the internet in general have been invented. It seems like since those things have come along people much prefer screen-time than real life experience. I think it’s time to bring real life experience back.

This year I encourage you and your families to get out to the fairgrounds and relish the age old tradition of summer in the country.

Next month we will print the full schedule of events. Please get out there in the sunshine and enjoy.

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