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The Little Town with A Big Heart

“The Little Town with A Big Heart” was in fine form on May 11, 2019. Summer Shade celebrated the second annual Founders’ Day. The pride from those who were presenting, performing, or just there soaking it all in was evident as people took picture after picture of the folks and the town they love.

What made the day special was not the events, but rather all the people who participated in making the dream of Founders’ Day a reality. It was not a government-led program, although law enforcement, county employees and the DAV chapter played a big role. It was not a big business event, although it was a big event for our local businesses. Nor was it a school function, although the MCHS Marching Band made the parade come alive. What made this day wonderful were the citizens who cleaned up their yards and vehicles to put them on display in the parade and those who paid tribute to their school, their craft, and their heritage. It was those citizens who volunteered their time and talents planning the day and running the events, along with those who pitched in to get us out of a last minute jam (thanks to Rick for that one), and most importantly, those local residents who brought their families–grandparents, moms and dads with children in tow, taking time to make a special moment–a moment to remember and to reflect on the rich history of this place, and also a moment to dream of what can be. It was a time to witness the meaning of community and the Spirit of Summer Shade.

A salute to Harmon Milam, last year’s Honorary Mayor of Summer Shade, and to our new Honorary Mayor, Wendell Kennison, citizens whose life experiencesmake up the fabric of our community. We hope as we continue the event that the Spirit of Summer Shade continues to grow.

From the Founders’ Day Committee, our thanks and appreciation to all who contribute to the community.  We know we are blessed beyond measure.

Summer Shade Founders Day Committee

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