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Summer is calling

Jennifer Moonsong
Central Division, General Manager
Jobe Publishing, Inc.

Every day for the past week or so when I go to the elementary school for pick-up and drop off, I can’t help but feel the giddiness in the air and see the excitement on the faces of children, because summer is almost here.

There is perhaps no expectation so pure and full of hope as a small child’s dreams of summer; and it makes me happy to see that for all of the many things that change about childhood, that sentiment stays the same.

As the mother of an inquisitive boy, I am very excited about summer, too. I think it will be more full of reptiles than I’d like, but that’s just part of having a boy.

As parents, I think we all feel a strong drive to pack our kids’ days full of activities, but remember the magic often happens on lazy days, and that our own small towns have joy to offer. (The county fair comes to mind.)

As the school year draws to a close, I’d like to extend a big, heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU to the educators and staff of the Metcalfe County Elementary School for making the year both productive and memorable. It has been a blessing to have to such dedicated people with my child every day, and it was clear to me that everyone was giving it their all.

I would especially like to thank Ms. Sandy Duncan for her work coupled with her years of experience. At the beginning of the year, I thought I’d probably worry all day. Once I got to know Ms. Sandy and Ms. C, I knew there was no reason to worry at all.

Wishing both the children and teachers a wonderful summer full of relaxation, rejuvenation and summer dreams come true.


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