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Chamber names Educator of the Year & Educator Idol of the Year

Dr. Benny Lile

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division, General Manager

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Educator of the Year

The Edmonton Metcalfe County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce Benny Lile as the 2019 Metcalfe County Educator of the Year, and Mr. Elbert Hunley, Jr. as the 2019 Metcalfe County Educator Idol of the Year.

Each year the chamber recognizes outstanding educators in the community who have dedicated their lives to teaching.

Benny Lile, who grew up in the Northern part of Metcalfe County and graduated from a Metcalfe County High School, has been an educator in various capacities for over three decades.

“After 34 years I can say I have been truly blessed to be in this field and for all the wonderful students and terrific co-workers have had the good fortune to be associated with,” Lile said.

Even so, in the early days of college, he wasn’t sure teaching was his calling.

“Was somewhat undecided in college concerning career. My student teaching experience in Woodford Co. went well and I started substitute teaching right out of school. That’s when things really started to click. I worked in a couple of other areas but education seemed to be the right fit,” said Lile.

He obtained his BS degree from the University of Kentucky, his MA and Ed.D from Western Kentucky University.

He was named superintendent in 2013 but started his career in education in 1985 teaching Middle-Grade Science.

He has seen many changes in the county and in the way children are educated.

“When I taught at North Metcalfe in the mid-late 80’s there were roughly 260 students k-8   It felt like we knew every child in the school and their extended families. The school was the center of the community,” he said.

Lile pointed out that in a world where people are far more transient, that connectivity is more difficult to achieve.

“School events don’t draw people like they used to,” Lile added.

Perhaps technology has been the biggest change.

“Technology has obviously been the major change. We had a TV on wheels that only received KET.  I wrote a grant to get a phone line in the classroom and a modem so we could do ‘online’ activities. Of course, that pales in comparison to what is available today but it was a start. I had a great group of students who really took to the technology in those early days,” said Lile.

Dr. Lile has been married for 36 years to Chris McMurtrey Lile. They have two daughters, Cameron an Occupational Therapist, and Casey who is finishing her first year at Western Kentucky University.

He served two years with the Kentucky Department of Education as a regional technology consultant for thirty districts. In 1992 he was employed by the Barren County (KY) School District as Director of Instruction and Technology. He served in this role until 2013 when he assumed the duties of Superintendent of Metcalfe County Schools in his home county, the position he holds today.

Mr. Elbert Hunley, Jr.

Educator Idol of the Year

The Edmonton Metcalfe County Chamber of Commerce proudly announces Mr. Elbert Hunley, Jr. as the 2019 Metcalfe County Educator Idol of the Year.

Mr. Hunley was born and raised in Metcalfe County. He attended Dripping Springs School for one year and then attended Edmonton Elementary. He graduated from Metcalfe County High School in 1961. He graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Business Management and Secondary Education.

In 1967-68 he was hired as a teacher by the Metcalfe County Board of Education. He taught one year at Edmonton Elementary. He was drafted into the U. S. Army in 1968. He served Uncle Sam for two years with one year being in Vietnam. After released from the U. S. Army, he taught at Summer Shade Elementary. He was principal of Summer Shade Elementary for seven years.

Mr. Hunley married Martha Pulliam in 1975. They have three children, Sarah, Adam, and Brad. They have one grandchild, Kendall Dawn.

The Hunleys presently own and operate Hunley’s Grocery located at the Metcalfe -Barren County Line.








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