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Spring comes on foot

Jennifer Moonsong
Central Division, General Manager
Jobe Publishing, Inc.

Each March I can’t help but think of a poem by Edda St. Vincent Millay that I learned in 8th grade English. It begins this way:

“Spring rides no horses down the hill,

But comes on foot

A goose girl still,

And all of the the loveliest things that be, Come simply so, it seems to me…”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but after a not-so-picturesque winter of rainfall and gray skies that did a good job of mimicking the weather of the Pacific Northwest, I am more than ready for spring. It has been refreshing to see bright yellow daffodil blossoms spring up from generations-old bulbs speckling the hillsides and fields of South Central Kentucky. The grass is looking a little greener, the sky has a different hue when it rises in the morning and the warm days of spring can’t be far behind.

This month the paper has its spring sports section coming, which our Sports Reporter, Thomas Wampler has been hard at work on. The Edmonton Herald News will feature a tribute to our community’s beloved tennis coach Russell Estes, who recently passed away.

We also have the Spring Home, Garden, and Farm Tab coming up with lots of great stories. For local businesses offering anything involving the home, home repairs, the farm or garden it’s a wonderful way to advertise in this special tab. Please reach out to me or PJ if you’d like to schedule your ad, which will go in all seven of our regional papers.

Happy Spring, Metcalfe County!

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