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Lady Cats vs Apollo

Lauren Ballance brings the ball down the court.

The Edmonson County Lady Cats season has ended.  Their last match up was during Region play on Feb. 28 at the Owensboro SportsCenter.  Competition for the evening was the Apollo E-gals, who is ranked fifth in the Region.  The Lady Cats ranked second (with a record of 24 – 8) in the Region were hopeful to come off with a win and advance onto the next game of the tournament.  But the E-gals had another plan in store.  The ladies were able to light up the three-point line throughout most of the game.  The final score of the game was Edmonson 36 – Apollo 58.    


In the first period, the Lady Cats seemed to do a job of holding the opposition to a low-scoring game.  With 4:11 to go, it was EC 5 and Apollo 8.  A three-pointer by Kassidy Daugherty gave the team the biggest lead of the period.  A stolen ball by Lauren Ballance allowed her to draw the foul and shoot for two, hitting one and missing one basket.  Apollo’s Lexie Shadowen completed the next play for two points, making the score EC 6 and Apollo 13.   Emma Rose Vincent returned with two points for Edmonson at the basket.  By the end of the first, it was EC 8 and Apollo 13.  


In the second period, Apollo’s Lexi Shadowen was the first to score for her team by completing the play for two points.  Katie Lindsey narrowed the gap in the score by a two-pointer.  A three-pointer by Apollo’s Amber Dunn was the beginning of many threes for the team.  Also scoring in the period was Katie Lindsey for two points, Apollo’s Amari Sanders for two points, Chanley Logsdon – two points, and Katie Lindsey scored another two points before the period ended.  At the half, the score was EC 18 and Apollo 27.   


In the third period, Lauren Ballance was the first to land a two-pointer.  Apollo’s Kassidy Daugherty was the first to foul in the second half.  Chanley Logsdon also had a defensive foul early in the third period.  Apollo’s Zoe Floyd had two points at the basket.  Apollo’s Amber Dunn quickly followed with another three-pointer.  This allowed the opposition to get their largest lead of the game, EC 20 and Apollo 32.  Dunn hit another three-point shot.  Madison Harrison got fouled and shot for two.  Lauren Ballance had a defensive foul.  Emma Rose Vincent was able to connect for a two-pointer for her team.  Madison Harrison was also able to get two points at the basket.  Katie Lindsey had a defensive foul against Dunn, who shot for two and got two.  With two minutes left in the third, Edmonson was trailing by 15.  By the end of the third, it was EC 26 and Apollo 44.  


In the fourth, Lindsey was fouled and shot for two at the free-throw line.  Edmonson was able to steal the ball after that but was unsuccessful in completing the play.  Apollo’s Floyd fouled Madison Harrison to shoot two.  She hit both.  By this time, the score was EC 31 and Apollo 47.Macie Mccombs foul an Apollo player.  Floyd was able to get two points for Apollo.  Lindsey fouled Lexi Shadowen.  Madison Harrison was fouled by Shadowen.  She shot for two and missed one.  Apollo’s Addison Carter landed a three for the team.  Edmonson was able to steal the ball but couldn’t complete the play for points.  Lindsey fouled Floyd.  She shot for two and missed one.  Floyd fouled Vincent and she was able to get two points at the free-throw line.  The final score of the game was EC 36 and Apollo 58.  


Individual stats for the Lady Cats:  

Katie Lindsey 9 points, 2 rebounds  

Madison Harrison 7 points, 5 rebounds  

Lauren Ballance 6 points, 9 rebounds   

Emma Rose Vincent 6 points  

Chanley Logsdon 5 points, 4 rebounds  

Lily Jane Vincent 1 point  

Mia Goad 1 point, 2 rebounds  

Jaedlyn Simon 1 point, 1 rebound    

Shea VanMeter, 1 rebound  


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