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Enjoy community chronicles

Jennifer Moonsong
Central Division, General Manager
Jobe Publishing, Inc.

Each February we do a special section in each paper called Community Chronicles, and it is my favorite special section of the year because it chronicles the lives of people and places of each community and showcases what makes each county in the Jobe Publishing coverage area special. Each year we can only do a few for each county, but I wish we could do 100 for each because there are that many unique stories to tell.

Although each of the seven papers is part of the Jobe Publishing group, the editors and general managers strive to keep each paper community specific. Community Chronicles is one way we show that commitment.

I read once that if you’ve been to one small town you’ve been to them all; that simply isn’t true.

Although all small towns have some common ground and similarities, every little town is its own hamlet made special by the people who live there, the businesses built there, the natural formations that surround it like the lakes and rivers. The history the made each town possible is also unique.

Please enjoy Community Chronicles next week and feel free to reach out with suggestions from next year.


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