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Glasgow has a fighting chance

Let’s get right to the point.


The strength of Kentucky’s economy starts right here in our cities.  No matter how hard the Governor, our legislators, and all their economic development people strive to remove red tape, approve pro-business legislation, and help level the playing field; without a Mayor capable of leading our town through the murky waters of politics and greed, we don’t have a fighting chance.

Monday night’s Glasgow City Council meeting is one that positions our community for positive change more than I have seen in almost two decades.  Those same decades in which we have witnessed our economic competitiveness all but disappear.

With each name approved for local boards it brought a smile to my face.  So many good people I know to be involved, caring community volunteers who will work hard to grow our community.  None of which are the political machines or pawns of the current power structure.

In just 30 days, this Mayor has partnered with our Judge-Executive and others to begin the process of revamping our economic development recruitment process and although a move or two is still needed, we are off to a great start.  Wow, oh what a blessing for Glasgow.

Tonight has shown anyone watching that Mayor Armstrong knows what has been happening over the past few years more than those sitting on city council that was there at that time and he isn’t afraid to say it.

Clearly, it was known that a yes vote was going to be difficult to get, so a delay or stall tactic was proposed.  This would have done nothing more than keep another controversy alive and Mayor Armstrong wouldn’t have it and said we have too much work to do.  I agree.

If it weren’t for Mayor Armstrong and his willingness to stand for truth regarding the Waterpark Project we would be propelled into a debt for 20-years that we don’t need, and the Master Plan they reference clearly states 76% of those locals surveyed wouldn’t use it.  The plan details items we can all get behind and if opened for everyone to help, it can be done with hard work and sweat equity.  Let’s go do it!

Those same “yes-men/women” who vote yes for anything to drive taxes or spend money were outvoted Monday night and I’m comfortable it is because Mayor Armstrong made them do the research themselves and stand to be counted.  It would be the same ones voting to raise taxes in three years when the project was upside down.

I believe all 12 council members to be fine people.  All want good things for our community and if they will take the time to learn the issues themselves, or at least follow a leader who knows what they are talking about, Glasgow can regain the economic dignity we once exuded.

These same “yes-men/women” types are the reason we have wasted years on addressing blatantly divisive issues.  Many of us who love Glasgow and want to move forward should be pleased to see an Electric Plant Board (EPB) vote coming out as 11-1.  This is even after the Glasgow Daily Times threw Mayor Armstrong a curve on page one because of his choice for an appointee.  Am I the only one who remembers the beautiful interviews, wonderful photography they did to mask the biases of the previous pro-establishment candidates? Mayor Armstrong needs to be careful; I think at last count they did hundreds of open record requests against an administration a few years back to get one they wanted.  They are big supporters of the “yes-men/women” and seem to follow the same leader in recent years.

We need open, honest, and positive team building leadership, one who can make all people of Glasgow feel appreciated and Mayor Harold MD Armstrong is off to a good start.

Thank you, sir.

Jeff Jobe is founder and CEO of Jobe Publishing, Inc. His commentary reflects his personal views and does not reflect the views of personal or professional associations and affiliations. Reach him at Read his previously published commentary at


  1. Dorine Reece on January 31, 2019 at 11:03 pm

    I for one am pleased that Mayor Armstrong took the stand he did on the water park project ,we elderly don’t need any more taxes to pay,thank you Mayor Armstrong!!

  2. Robert D Cron on February 1, 2019 at 10:34 am

    I have watched, even contributed to, how Jeff has grown, not only on Butler County, but all across Kentcky and surrounding States.
    Jeff plays by the rules of good journalism’s, and by reporting facts allows the public to make good, informed decisions.
    I haven’t always agreed, but I have always been allowed to express my views, and why. SCKY is blessed to have a good journalist and news reporter, instead of radical points of view and idealism rammed down our throats.
    Thank You Jeff, Thank you for allowing me to write in the Banner for nearly 30 years, and Thank You for your dedicated service.

  3. Robert E Carver on February 1, 2019 at 10:51 am

    Good work. It’s amazing how many follow the crowd without getting the facts. Thanks for standing up for Glasgow. Always, best to you friend.

  4. Judy Scott on February 3, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    Well said.

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