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Marketing 101

Karleigh Roby

There is a new admissions and marketing director for Morgantown Care and Rehab Center.  Karleigh Roby has been hired on to assist with organizing functions that combine two efforts; community involvement and promotion of rehab resources.  She has already made a big impact with the locals by offering fun-filled activities that help bring family and friends together.   

“Have you ever heard the word Meraki?” Roby said. “It is a Greek word that means putting your heart and soul into what you do.  I could not find a better word to describe being the Admissions and Marketing Director at Morgantown Care and Rehab.  All my coworkers have demonstrated this same quality.  The heart and soul we put into taking care of our elders is amazing.  I could not have asked to work in a better place.”   

The facility, located near downtown Morgantown, is home to a variety of rehab services for patients.  Some of the services offered are; clinical, rehabilitation, quality of life, spirituality, complimentary transportation, a 24-hour pharmacy, annual hall of fame cafe event, and volunteer programs.  Signature Healthcare’s mission is to radically change the landscape of healthcare.   

“When you walk into our Facility a breath of clean fresh air welcomes you, as well as the warm, comfy colors on the wall,” she said. “As you walk down our shiny clean floors you will observe street signs.  We value our Facilities to be and feel like home for our elders.  I love that I get the opportunity to work in our elders Home.  This motivates me to get up every morning to come to work. Healthcare has always been a passion of mine.  I love the ability to impact and change a life in a positive way.”   

Roby added, “our mission here at Morgantown Care and Rehab could not be more accurate, we strive to revolutionize the healthcare industry through creating a culture of resident center services, personalized spirituality, quality of life initiatives and providing education.  When you first think of a nursing home, I feel as if most people go straight to elders lying in bed staring at the ceiling.  Morgantown Care and Rehab do not follow that stereotype.  One of the first tours I gave at the facility, the family shared the news that their parent had not got out of bed very often.  I knew that would change if they came here.  Not only does their parent get out of bed every day to participate in activities here at Morgantown Care and Rehab, but we also took this elder to an event outside.  The smile and words of thanks we received were beyond heartfelt.  I love this JOB.”  

Employees frequently incorporate the involvement of the public to help with quality of life events.  One of the most frequent is the Never Grow Up initiative.  This program uses artistic methods to help patients with team building, expression, and exploring their own creative talents.   

“My Mom was an RN,” she explained. “I grew up around the medical field.  I have that personality to help people and give back. I always wanted to work in long-term care.  I look forward to seeing what this career field will hold for me.”  

For more information about Morgantown Care and Rehab Center, visit or call 270-526-3368.  







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