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Gov. Bevin Sends Letter to Tennessee Valley Authority CEO Urging Continued Operation of Paradise Unit 3

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 7, 2019) – Gov. Matt Bevin has issued a letter to Bill Johnson, CEO of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), regarding the Paradise Fossil Plant in Muhlenberg County and the potential closure of the one remaining coal-fired unit at the plant, Unit 3.

The letter, dated January 4th, asserts that the closure of Unit 3 would have a devastating impact on the local economy and the long-term reliability and resilience of the regional and national energy grid.

In the letter, Gov. Bevin outlines several concerns with a permanent shutdown of Unit 3, including the negative economic impact “upon the employees who currently staff the unit, the citizens of Muhlenberg and surrounding counties that provide support and services to the unit, and the Kentucky coal miners that supply its fuel.”

The letter also reiterates Gov. Bevin’s commitment as Governor to coal as an energy source, stating that “in Kentucky we respect and value our coal-fired power plants, and we strongly oppose any efforts to prematurely retire any of our fleet.”  Gov Bevin further states that his commitment to coal “is not based on economics alone, but on availability, reliability, security, and resiliency considerations as well.”

To view Gov. Bevin’s full letter to TVA CEO Bill Johnson, click here.

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