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Sources of Strength week

Sources of Strength (SoS) is a new program at BCHS that is led by peer leaders whose focus is to spread Hope, Help, and Strength throughout our school and community.  There are eight sources of strength that we as a group hope to highlight this year: mental health, family support, positive friends, mentors, healthy activities, generosity, spirituality, and medical access. 

The first SoS campaign was a Trusted Adult Tree that is displayed in our cafeteria.  On each leaf of the tree, students throughout the school wrote the name of an adult they feel can help them when necessary.  The goal of the tree is for students to recognize that there are a multitude of trusted people available to help them—not only in our school but also in our community.  Naming a Trusted Adult increases the likelihood that teens will open up to a supportive person, and it fosters a school culture that invites adolescents to feel comfortable sharing everyday issues as well as crisis situations with caring adults. 

Last week, Butler County High School engaged in a second campaign to bring awareness of the Sources of Strength available to our students. During our SoS Week, students and teachers focused on each area of strength: 

On Monday, students wore a t-shirt with a positive, uplifting quote to highlight Mental Health. 

On Tuesday, students dressed as a dynamic duo to highlight Positive Friends. 

On Wednesday, students wore their favorite sports team attire to highlight Healthy Activities. 

On Thursday, students wore a favorite Christmas sweater to highlight Spirituality. 

On Friday, peer leaders counted the change that had been collected all week during 1st block classes for the Morgantown Mission to highlight Generosity. 

Each day, the amount of change collected was heart-warming and amazing! In the end Mr. Robbins’ class collected the most change, followed by Mrs. Watkins’ class.  Overall, the money collected for the Morgantown Mission was $1,177! Thank you to the students and staff of Butler County High School, and thank you to Mr. Gary McKinney for accepting the check from Mr. Gruber. 

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