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Education Ethel, canine companion

By Jennifer Moonsong, Regional Manager

Hornet pride is countywide, But when visitors enter the doors of the Metcalfe County Board of Education, they are greeted by a friendly and furry unofficial mascot, Ethel.

“Ethel showed up back in April.  She was first seen up at the park at softball games.  She then started going back and forth between the middle and elementary school back doors,” said Dr. Benny Lile, superintendent.

“Belinda Thompson here at our office started seeing her so she started feeding her outside of our back door here at the office.”

The staff soon realized Ethel was not one.

“Ethel was going to be a mother.  She ended up with 9 pups and Belinda helped to make sure they all had good homes,” said Lile.

Of course, when the dog arrived she had no name but Jamie Howard soon called her Ethel, and it stuck.

Ethel resides at the office around the clock, but Belinda and Jamie are certain that she is fed and watered, and has frequent outdoor brakes on evenings and weekends.

Those who meet Ethel usually fall in love. Her sweet and gentle nature are becoming her new role as door greeter.

“As you might expect kids love her. We have had just a few parents who maybe were not in the best mood when they came in and Ethel has a calming effect,” said Lile.

“Most people think it’s a good thing that the board office has “rescued” an animal.”

Ethel’s food and other supplies are provided by the office staff.

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