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A monumental election

By Jennifer Moonsong, Regional Manager

Whether or not you are happy with the results, it can’t be denied that the 2018 general election was one of the most monumental elections our county has seen in recent times.

The air was heavy and tense in the historic courthouse as the results were read in that room for the last time this November. At the end of the reading, Edmonton-Metcalfe had named a new Mayor, new County Judge/Executive, new Jailer, and new Sheriff and so on.

Mayor Garrett has served the community for 25 years, and Judge/Executive Greg Wilson has served the county for 12 years. Having new men in these positions, for better or worse, will definitely be game changers.

Personally, some things went my way and some didn’t. I’d say that is true for lots of us.

With the election behind, many of us are wondering, what next?

Happy or unhappy, now is the time to look to the future and hope that our soon to be new leaders will lead with dignity, foresight and a desire to make our town and county better. Most importantly, I hope that everyone will work together for betterment and put their differences aside for the place we all call home.

The beautiful thing about democracy is that we all have a vote, we all have a say in our land of the free and the howl of the brave.

To the ones who I gave my vote to, prove me right. To the ones who I didn’t vote for, prove me wrong. It’s time to move forward with more hope than skepticism.

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