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Volley for the Veterans


The Volley for Veterans Tournament was held Nov. 3.  Walden’s BBQ sponsored the competition.  Proceeds from the event will be given to local veterans.  The event had concessions for everyone that attended and the winners received a trophy, a free meal ticket and their picture taken to hang up in Walden’s BBQ.  

Four teams participated Kaori, Woosley Warriors, Volley Llamas, and Walden.  Kaori team members were Kevin Harrod, Ryley Thompson, McKenzie Vincent, Hannah Davis, and Emily Grider.  The team members of Woosley Warriors were Mark Woosley, Daniel Woosley, Jenna Woosley, Gavin Rose, Jason Rose, and Mya Mustafa. Team members of the Volley Llhamas were Patrick Davis, Sarah Davis, Jeremy Graham, Ashley Graham, Faron Lindsey, and Tiffany Lindsey.  Walden team members Janna Blair, Emma Woodcock, Kaelynn Woodcock, Tina Walden, Isaiah Johnson, Clay Walden, and Andrew Brooks. 

The Kaori were the winners of the competition.  

The Veteran’s that attended were Mike Stoyonovich, Jack Hasty, Ronnie Stewart, Bennie Durbin, Richard Jones, and Terry Massey. 


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