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Vote Richardson for County Attorney

Dear Editor:
As I approach retirement from the position of Barren County Attorney I have watched the race to fill this seat with interest. All candidates for every position should realize that none of these positions are owed to anyone, candidates for those positions must earn the votes of the people. Running for office is much like a long job interview, and your prospective employer consist of thousands of voters.
I would like to recommend to those voters my Assistant County Attorney, Mike Richardson, for the job of Barren County Attorney. Mike has many qualities that will make him a great Barren County Attorney.
I first got to know Mike Richardson when he was working as a Public Defender. My Assistant County Attorneys and myself had to try several jury trials against Mike during that time, which taught me that Mike was not afraid to engage in a jury trial. When I had an Assistant County Attorney position that needed to be filled, I wanted that boldness on our prosecution side and I offered Mike the job.
Having worked with Mike Richardson for over two years now I have discovered that he has a quality that all employers love, he is very dependable and never missed work, never misses, or is late for court.
Having had two sons in the Army I know that our Armed Forces do an exceptional job of training its troops to be leaders. Mike Richardson served our Country as a Marine, and over time, I have personally witnessed the leadership skills that Mike has acquired from that experience as a Marine. Leadership skills that will be needed in overseeing the 14 employees that work at the Child Support and County Attorney offices.
Mike is a husband, a father and attends church faithfully, he is approachable and very easy to talk to.
Based on his qualities of being a bold prosecutor, his dependability, his leadership skills and his approachability, I would recommend Mike Richardson for your consideration and vote as your next Barren County Attorney.
Jeff Sharp
Barren County Attorney

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