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Re-Elect Hatcher

Dear Editor:
I am not typically a person to be outspoken about politics however, I do not miss my opportunity to vote. This election is critical in all areas we need to speak out and assure we have positive leaders and team players in every office.
The office of Cave City Mayor is very crucial this election and we have watched our city grow and prosper over the past six years as we have had a great team of people and a great leader. As all cities experience some businesses will always come and go as corporate changes take place. With that being said Mayor Hatcher has worked diligently with local and state officials to continuously seek new adventures for our city. Many do not realize the numerous hours spent and miles traveled to accomplish things such as the industrial park, continual work on the Thomas Doyle Park and many new businesses and expansion of existing businesses. There are numerous works in progress that many are not aware of due to the lack of involvement. I would encourage the residents to stand behind Mayor Hatcher and allow him to continue the hard work on the numerous projects in place as well as electing a group of team players for the city council who would work hard to continue the growth and complete necessary training to be informed on what city leaders are responsible for as the law requires.
Cave City is definitely growing and on the right track for continual success. It would be a terrible time for those that do not want or understanding growth to be the team leading our city. Once again I would encourage first for everyone to do their civic duty and vote and secondly re elect Mayor Hatcher and a positive team of council members.
Adam Russell

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