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Re-Elect Denny Doyle

Dear Editor:
Cave City is a unique place and has many unique individuals. One of those individuals being Councilman Denny Doyle. Many have no idea the number of hours he has spent training and attending numerous conferences on behalf of our city. He is an outspoken individual which many do not like but I would much rather know where someone truly stands than for them to be typical politicians who say one thing and does another. I would ask the voters of this city to re elect Council Member Denny Doyle as he understands the needs of this city and what it takes to pursue every possible avenue to make those things happen. It takes everyone in the community to reach the goals we have at our fingertips. By all means vote and remember you may vote for six council members or only those that would truly serve our city if you feel the need to vote for one or two that is that is the thing to do.
Misty Estes

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