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Mudd For Judge

Dear Editor,
I have heard a lot of talk about the character of both men in this election, I am writing this on the behalf of Mark Mudd. Jacob (Mark’s son) and I have been best friend our entire lives. I have spent almost as much time in Mark’s House as I have spent in my own. I know Mark Mudd, I know his family, there is none better to lead this county. He is honest, fair, trustworthy, and servant-hearted and he values respect. Mark has held to these principles as long as I have known him.
I have spent countless hours with them throughout my life. My granddaddy (Tom Cook) passed away one year while we were at church camp. My mom (Jo Lynn Reed) called Mark and told him the news and that she wanted to talk to me. Throughout all that pain and loss, Mark and Becky were there to comfort me and to speak the truth of God into my life. Just like always. Each time throughout my life, that I have been faced with hard things, they have been there.
Mark and Becky have always taken care of Jacob’s friends. We’ve gone boating, fishing, hiking, caving, four-wheeling, and to the beach. There are not any more generous people than Mark and Becky Mudd. Growing up in a church that didn’t have an official youth pastor, Mark stepped up and filled that role in my life. He was not asked to do this, but he saw a need and he met the need. His faith has always been very real and clearly visible.
As a group of young men, we would get in to some sticky situations. We have run out of gas, we’ve gotten almost every vehicle Mark has ever owned hung up somewhere and nearly sunk his boat. Mark has always answered our phone call at any time day or night to come help us out of a tough situation. The man has inspired all of us boys and he has also inspired the youth of Butler County in ways I hope to in youth ministry.
He has stood up for me when I needed it. Mark has always supported me and I support him in this election and you should too. Do the right thing, vote Mudd for Judge on November 6, 2018. #MuddForJudge #ButlerCountyFirst
Conner Alexander Reed

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