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Keep Jailer Tracy Bellamy

To the Editor:
I want to tell you a few things about our Barren County Jailer, Tracy Bellamy. Tracy has worked for the citizens of Barren County since 1999. He began his career as an entry-level Deputy Jailer at the Barren County Detention Center. He quickly progressed to various Supervisor/Trainer positions. Tracy was promoted to Chief Deputy in 2011. In 2017, Tracy was appointed to the position of Barren County Jailer to complete the unexpired term.
Tracy Bellamy has deep family roots in our county. He is a 5th generation Barren Countian. As a child, he was taught a strong work ethic by working on his family farm in Barren County. Since 1999, Tracy has worked diligently to get to where he is now. He has been an essential part of the success that the Barren County Detention Center has experienced over the last few years.
Since becoming Barren County Jailer, Tracy has implemented more inmate work programs for the benefit of our citizens. Tracy has instituted numerous training opportunities for his Deputies. He has added multiple programs to reduce the recidivism rate (repeat offenders).
Jailer Tracy Bellamy is an active member of our community. He is a graduate of the Chamber of Commerce Leadership program. He is involved with many different civic groups. Tracy has supported our local communities and organizations for years, not just during election season. Tracy will always be kind and lend a helping hand, not just during election season.
This year’s race for the office of Barren County Jailer can be defined in two words: Experience and knowledge. Jailer Tracy Bellamy is unrivaled in his experience and knowledge of the Barren County Detention Center. The Barren County Detention Center is in the upper echelon of county jails and has become highly-regarded throughout Kentucky. Under Jailer Bellamy’s leadership and guidance, we will remain at the top and continue to make the citizens of Barren County proud of our Detention Center.
I ask for your vote and support to KEEP BARREN COUNTY JAILER TRACY BELLAMY!
Matt Mutter

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