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Dwayne Hatcher for Cave City Mayor

Dear Editor:
It is always satisfying to write about a positive and hopeful future for Cave City. Cave City has always captivated me and I believe this is a good year to look forward.
Dwyane Hatcher has been the voice of the citizen’s for the past six years. He has mobilized the talent of Cave City’s residents and helped us share our skills and passions which is evident in the amount of new businesses that have came to the area. We have O’Rilleys coming in, the Crossroads IGA that just opened, Hobdy, Dye, and Read, the Tekno Expansion and Industrial Park completion. In fact the number of businesses have grown from 313 to over 450. Creating new jobs, bringing in more opportunities and increasing our economy has been the help we’ve needed in years past and the last two audits we’ve had were the best in Cave City’s history.
His focus on the Thomas Doyle Park grants and expansion, annexation of the city limits, bringing us up to date with citywide broadband internet and community beautification projects will only add to the value and quality of life to the residents all while attracting a younger population of Cave City is unmatched. In addition to the many fine comments by others in our community in support of Dwayne Hatcher’s candidacy for mayor, let me bring a somewhat different perspective about why I believe he would make an outstanding leader for Cave City. He has the practical aspects of how to wisely plan for the future by dispensing the budget as well as grant funds for the overall good of our citizens. Dwayne Hatcher embraces a collaborative spirit, who truly listens to citizens’ concerns. A mayor that favors open discussions, fosters community dialog and who achieves great results through consensus building and is aboard member to committees such as BRADD, Proud Committee and Idea Board.
It is critical that the mayor be a person of integrity and intelligence, and have the ability to mobilize, encourage and foster the citizens. We have a great pool of talent among us and this is why I think Dwayne Hatcher will be our best tool in addressing communal challenges and further extend our growth,.
Thank you for this opportunity to express my support for Dwayne Hatcher for Cave City Mayor.
Roger Russell

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