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Keep Micheal Hale

Dear Editor and Citizens of Barren County
I am writing on behalf of my nephew, Micheal Hale. I am extremely proud of his job performance over the last 4 years as our current Barren County Judge Executive. I have watched Micheal grow into a fine young man and his ability to lead surpasses any expectations I could have ever had for him. I have witnessed him making decisions for all our citizens based on their best interest and I know he wants this county and everyone in it to succeed and progress. In all my years, I have never seen an elected official work the way Michael does. You will often find Michael out of his office to see what is happening in the county and he is certainly not afraid to get his hands dirty when and if he is needed. I have seen the long hours he puts in for the good of our county and for you, the citizens. Regardless of it being election year or not, Michael is always at events offering a helping hand. He is constantly thinking of ways to benefit the citizens of our beautiful county, especially the youth, because they ARE our future.
I, along with my family, would like to ask for your continued support and vote on November 6, 2018 to keep Micheal Hale as Barren County Judge Executive.
Tommie St. Charles Birge

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