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It’s us who should thank you for 20 years

Mr. Jobe I read your column a few weeks back regarding your hopes of “simply being remembered as a man trying to do his best”. I hadn’t met you so I decided to come to the beautiful, yes beautiful plaza theater yesterday for the showing of the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show in hope of actually speaking with you.
Upon entering the movie I soon felt it probably wouldn’t be possible to chat. Not sure if you remember me or not, I am the lady who was assisted to a seat by a friend due to a disability. I watched as you made your way around the auditorium and gave everyone a kind smile, handshake and kind words.
The irony, me and the hundreds who came where there to thank you and you came to us instead.
I’m proud to read my local paper and so very proud to have you sir as my hometown editor. Thank you and your family for what you do.
Sarah Hodges

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