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Expanding to feed the need

Lisa Boswell, Director, in front of the food-filled walls of the emergency food pantry.

































By Jennifer Moonsong, General Manager Metcalfe/Monroe Division

For many years Bowling Park has hosted a food pantry that has helped countless people in need of food. However, the need outgrew the small facility. This year, a new food pantry was constructed, and last Friday the community gathered there for a ribbon cutting to celebrate the new building.

“We feed 500 families a month from the food pantry,” said Director, Lisa Boswell.

In addition to those 500 families, the pantry provides 300 senior boxes for the elderly each month and hosts an emergency food pantry.

“There is no income qualification for the food pantry,” said Boswell. “Because even if a person earned $60,000 last year, if they get cancer this year, they still won’t be able to feed their family.”

People who come to the emergency pantry are given a wagon with a box and are allowed to pick items from the pantry that is suitable for their family. Meat and dairy products from the new walk-in coolers and fresh produce can also be taken.

“This year we have given away 7,000 lbs more of fresh produce than we did last year,” she said.

The meat is picked up at the Tompkinsville Walmart three days a week. Those pickups are arranged by Feed America, a distribution center for food pantries.

Items not purchasable with food stamps, such as toilet paper and laundry detergent can also be taken from the pantry.

People from Metcalfe and Monroe are welcome to come to the pantry for assistance.

Annie visits the pantry to help her get by.

“So glad they have his beautiful new building, I am so glad for Edmonton that we have this,” she said.

To reach the food pantry, call 270-432-7204.

Left to right: Volunteer Dorothy Taylor, and employees Kathy Powers and Jessica Faulkner are proud to be part of the food pantry.

The ribbon cutting brought a crowd.

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