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Imagination at Work

“I am extremely excited about opening the new Hart County High School building to our students and staff. They deserve all this facility has to offer. We still have some finishing touches I want completed before placing them in the building, but it is very close. I look forward to showing our parents and community the facility with a walk-through soon after opening. An announcement will be made of that date. A grand opening/dedication will be held later in the semester upon completion of our gymnasium and auditorium. It is an exciting time to be a Raider.” This announcement was delivered by Hart County High School’s Superintendent, Nathan Smith.

When writing my pieces for the paper I like to stick to the standard of writing in 3rd person perspective, however, in this article I feel it necessary for me to deliver this in 1st person form. In doing so I hope I can portray a small portion, at the very least, of beauty and inspiration I witnessed during my tour of Hart County’s new high school.

I met Assistant Superintendent, Debbie Fowler, in the school parking area on Friday morning. Just like the majority, I’ve watched the erection of the high school progress until the outside shows mostly completion. It’s the inside we are all so curious about and I was about to take my journey through the newly constructed halls. Immediately, I look up into the foyer and the light fixtures, they’re incredible, artistic, elegant, modern, clean. Already I knew this was about to be a jaw-dropping experience, and that is just what it was. Walking side by side with Ms. Fowler she informed me and educated me on the schools new amenities and the details of each room and department. It was difficult to absorb all she was telling me because my eyes were completely saturated with sights that I never thought to be seen in a high school, much less here at home, in Hart County.

One of my favorite items of detail Ms. Fowler pointed out was the ViewSonic screens placed in each and every room. This acts as an oversized iPad or tablet, except this screen has 25 points of touch, giving several students an opportunity to work out equations, write out a statement, or draw an image at the same time. Right here this high school has one of the most advanced pieces of technology, not just in one or two areas, but in every classroom. This screen can also act as a portal for viewing with a camera. If you are familiar with FaceTime or Skype then you understand the concept. Teachers will be able to instruct a class from nearly, anywhere.

To describe the sights in accurate detail would be difficult and wordy so I will let you be the judge once it’s open for public viewing. I will, however, describe a couple of my favorite engravings. The floors have stamp-like tilework, with one hallway having a double helix expanding down its length. Another, has the long equation of Pi, 3.14… The music hall actually has the Raider’s Fight Song engraved into the floor. Ms. Fowler took me to one of her most proud additions. This was an area on the second floor where there is an overlook into the oversized library. On the floor is a total of eight diamond shapes with 5 joined above three of those, and separated by  Raiders. Each of the five symbolize the five elementary schools of Hart County and below that are three more diamond-like shapes representing the three high schools that used to be a part of Hart County’s educational system. Those three were combined, of course, and Hart County High School was a result of the combination. With these 8 school compilations Hart County Schools became widely known as the Hart County Raiders.

If at all possible, take the allotted opportunity when given to explore this new, incredibly stunning school. I am a graduate of Indiana University, near the country’s home of limestone, and I will say with confidence that this school is one of the top most beautiful and adapted schools I have ever stepped foot in. I have never been more proud and happy for the deserving faculty and students than I am now. One of the most unbelievable bits of information was when I learned about the budget set before the construction. With all this school has undertaken the budget has yet to be met. An applause to all of the men and women whom have spent many hours and, at times, days awake to complete this phenomenal project.

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