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Stowaway Found Dead

Homeless killed headed northbound on train

A typical Monday, as some would think. It was a little after lunch time on October 8, when a report was received of a very strange sighting. Someone was discovered lying lifeless atop one of the shipping containers being pulled by means of a locomotive. Three homeless people had decided to illegally jump on a train headed north around or near Nashville, TN, according to KSP. The body was discovered near Park City, but the conductor was unable to stop the train until entering Bonnieville’s train crossing on 728, Priceville Rd. Once the train was stopped safely, First Responders immediately began working their way up to where the subject resided. Horse Cave and Bonnieville Fire Department, local and state police, along with Hart County EMS responded to the scene and found the reports held validity. According to one of the other accompanied riders, they witnessed the man stand up atop the crate to “enjoy the view” when a power line came into contact with him. He had received major head trauma and was pronounced deceased on the scene. KSP did confirm the man did come into contact with a power line stretching across the tracks. The name of the subject was given to Hart County News-Herald, respectfully, it will remain discreet until the next of kin are notified and until authorities complete their investigation. Also, the coroner deputy of Hart County spoke about the deceased, telling Hart County News-Herald more concrete information will be sent by the end of the week. As for the two homeless passengers there are no details about what was done with them after this occurrence. More details will be included in Hart County News-Herald, October 18.

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