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Chamber Welcomes Venue

By Scotty Dennis

Chamber of Commerce welcomed a new business into the community.

Southern Homestead Reserves Memorable Moments

Another ribbon cut, another family added to the mix of locally owned businesses. On Friday, September 28, The Southern Homestead assumed a grand opening with some anxious supporters from the community. Virginia Davis, Executive Director, announced the opening of the elegant, southern venue. She was accompanied by Chamber Board Members, Mayor Randall Curry, vice president, and Kenneth Kidd, President. Kayla Middleton and Tracey Tarter, mother and daughter, began this business in a partnership when in June Kayla was married. It was then they realized the expense for a wedding venue was not affordable for many families. They wanted to be a part of special moments and making the experience great without breaking the bank. They offer services for weddings, showers, birthday parties, reunions, and business parties. This warm family invites all and any to come, look around at the beautiful scenery and urge each and every one of you to consider booking your next posh event at The Southern Homestead.

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