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8th Annual Heritage Fest

So clean, so smooth, so classic… Joey Atchley is closely inspecting these “Hit and Miss” engines of Tommy Cook’s are timeless beauties.

Vendors, vendors, vendors…

September 14-15 was definitely a day to remember for people whom attended Horse Cave’s Heritage Festival of 2018. Main St. and adjoining roads were blocked off for commercial, business, and non-profit vendors. An exquisite, delicious smell of assorted foods parallel to the sweet sounds of music made this day one to remember. Chatter and laughter bounced back and forth from the quaint, picturesque buildings along Main St., softened by Bluegrass and Country music serenading the multitude of vendors and people. Plenty of handshakes, introductions, and greetings were passed on throughout the day by old and new friends, family, strangers, and of course, with the election coming up in November, the political candidates.

Although the day was beautiful and perfectly sunny, many found solace “hidden” down below in one of Horse Cave’s largest and most popular attractions, The Hidden River Cave. They offered special discounts on the zipline, as well as on cave tours.

Some found themselves awestruck with the, what some might say, priceless vehicles, while they waited for the winners to be announced in The Car/Truck/Bike Show, The Antique Tractor Show, and The Antique Car/Truck/Tractor/Motorcycle Parade. People from all around traveled here with their pride and joy cars, trucks, tractors, and motorcycles. From old classics to custom-built hot rods, you were sure to find a vehicle you favored over the rest.

From Crafts, Contests, and “Chattin’ on the Porch” the apparent observation is definitely this year’s Heritage Festival was a complete success.

Cub Run Days will be September 20-22, without a doubt the excitement will be that of 2018’s Heritage Festival had.

By: Scotty Dennis

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