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The Resting American Flag

Bonnieville Elementary Assigns Students Responsibility — New Basketball Coach 

Thursday, September 7, in a meeting with Bonnieville Elementary School’s principal, Ms. Georgia Bilyeu Bryson, a couple of rather important matters were discussed. Some people may have noticed The American Flag, that normally waved high in the air before the school, had been unusually neglected this school term, disrespectfully, as some folks thought. Since the school year began a process of recruiting students to participate in the long-time ritual,  raising the flag at sunrise and lowering it at dawn. Ms. Bryson why this ritual may have been ignored and laid aside as seemingly unimportant, she stated, “We had no one to do it.” She informed that the “flag assistants” from the previous year had left to attend high school. Apparently, the ritual wasn’t passed down to any younger class members before ending last years term. A retired veteran was brought to the school, at some point this year, to demonstrate the act, care, honor, and loyalty of handling “The Stars and Stripes”. With this being Ms. Bryson’s first year is it understandable how things may be overlooked or discarded. With the hustle and bustle of a new school, new students, new everything academically, she claims she was unaware the flag had not been flown a single day this year, that is until last week when the flag finally was proudly lifted. She took me to a spot in the hallway and on the wall was a list displaying students names. This list contains the students chosen to perform the job of the daily ritual to raise the flag.

On to the next question, I brought up the basketball team. Last year the team wasn’t orchestrated until only a week before the first game. Several parents have been concerned that this year will be the same turn of events. When asked, Ms. Bryson said that just that morning they had adopted a coach for their team. This is great news for those kids looking forward to “taking to the court”. However, an assistant coach is still needed before the fresh new coach can begin team building. Ms. Bryson said, “We’ve not even had tryouts yet.” So, for you parents fearful there may not be time for your kid to practice their skills, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time. Ms. Bryson had exhausted much of her information for the day and left me with a number to contact Mrs. Debbie Fowler with the Hart County Board of Education. She was to have more accurate and informative information, whereas Ms. Bryson felt reluctant to share too much on my report from fear of saying the wrong thing and being quoted out of context.

My phone conversation with Mrs. Fowler, an insightful one I might add, helped fill in the blanks as to what was required for students to be involved in any athletic programs. Each student must have anAthleticPhysical Exam and must have Proof of Insurance. The schools are governed and until permitted the athletic programs can’t begin, with that being said, basketball season doesn’t take off until football season is over.

I want to thank Ms. Bryson for her time with me. Also for her commitment to the Bonnieville Elementary School students and Bonnieville Community.

Keep the community alive, be involved, build respect amongst your neighbors, and give a hand where one is needed.

Written by: Scotty Dennis

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