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State Bound

Two Edmonson golfers have qualified for All A State tournament action on Sept. 8 in Richmond.  Emma Booker and Nathan Oliver will be competing against the top golfers in the state.  This is the first time for both to get the opportunity to go to this tournament.  Edmonson County High School Head Coach Ed Nunnalee said the nominations were well deserved, and he was anxious to see the teens perform on the green this weekend.  

Senior Emma Booker has been playing for two years.  She started in this sport as a way to challenge herself and try something new.  “I tried the sport and liked it and enjoyed it.  I really like going to the different courses and playing different places, plus being outside.” 

She was surprised at being chosen for All A State.  Booker added, “it wasn’t one of my best rounds, but I was good enough to qualify.  The tournament will be held in Richmond at the Arlington Golf Course.  I am still in shock about qualifying.” 

Nathan Oliver will be representing the boys’ golf team at state.  His mother Tracy briefly spoke about Nathan’s journey to the green.  This is his first experience with the public-school spectrum.  The school board allowed Nathan to finish out his high school years by being on the high school golf team.      

Nathan suffers from a rare heart condition, which gives him limited options when it comes to playing a sport.  He was diagnosed at the early age of three weeks old with heart disease.  His condition affects the pumping action of his heart.  Symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, chest discomfort, or passing out.   

“He was diagnosed at an early age with it,” Tracy said. “He doesn’t let that stop him from doing what he loves to do.  Nathan doesn’t want anyone to treat him differently, because of his condition.  He wants to be treated just like any other person.  It really has been such a blessing to see him out on the course doing what he loves.” 

She added, “we are extremely grateful for a community who have show us so much support and love over the years, and most importantly for accepting Nathan as a person who doesn’t let his challenges stand in his way.” 


Emma Booker

Nathan Oliver


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