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Fiscal Court 2018-19 Tax Rates Set

PJ Martin, Office/News Reporter, Metcalfe Division – Last week the Metcalfe County Fiscal Court approved the “compensating rate” suggested by the Department of Local Government (DLG). The tax rate for 2018 real property is 9.1 cents per $100 assessed value, a slight increase from last year’s 9.0. The personal property rate continues to remain at 10.0 and the 2019 motor vehicle and watercraft tax rates also remain unchanged at 8.2.

The Metcalfe County Ambulance District 2018 real property tax rate remains at 6.1 and the 2019 motor vehicle and watercraft tax rate remains at 3.0.

Special District Tax Rates

The fiscal court acknowledged the tax rates set by the Metcalfe County special tax districts. “They have all been passed by their own boards,” advised Judge/ Executive Greg Wilson.

The Metcalfe County Public Library District real property tax is 12.1 (up from 11.3 last year), 17.23 for personal property (up from 15.9 last year), and remains at 3.31 for motor vehicle and watercraft.

The Metcalfe County Extension District real property tax rate is 10.85 (up from 10.609 last year), 13.1742 for personal property (up from 12.7289 last year), and motor vehicle and watercraft remain at 4.0.

The Metcalfe County Soil Conservation District real property tax rate is unchanged at 1.5.

Tower Update

An update on the Summer Shade communication tower project was given by Vernon Engle of B & B Communications who stated he had received all the paperwork from Rohm Products with the advised specification for the tower that was ordered.

The plan is to pour a cement tower foundation 12 feet deep. Rohm specs required only an 8-foot deep foundation. The pylons being used are 3 feet in diameter and Rohm specs call for 2 1/5 foot diameter pylons. Also, the bolts being used are longer and the tower requires a larger quantity than usual.

“You should never have a problem with your foundation,” remarked Engle.

Magistrates Kenny Scott, Scotty Mosby, Moe Hensley, and Teresa Hamlett looking over the tax rates.



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