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BRANSTETTER PARK – The Tradition Continues

PJ Martin, Office/News Reporter, Metcalfe Division

The 92nd homecoming at Branstetter Park has come and gone. Friends and family gathered Saturday and Sunday for lot of music, good food, a great message, and a lot of catching up. If you didn’t attend these photos show just a little piece of what you missed.


This lovely lady is Mary Hurt, age 99. Not only was she the eldest in attendance, but she also traveled the longest distance. She and her family traveled 316 miles from Wabash, Indiana to Summer Shade for the homecoming. She will turn 100 next April 2 and already plans to attend next year.














The award for the couple married the longest went to Billy and Sue Hurt who have been married for 67 years.











The youngest in attendance was the very bashful Bella Dodson who is 4 years old.












The couple married the shortest amount of time went to Dale and Nona Young who have been married for 5 years.








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