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Cabin Creek plans 3rd Annual Festival

Jordan Rowe and his grandfather at Cabin Creek. For the first time, Jordan will be participating in the cast-iron cooking, as the tradition passes to a new generation.


Special to the Herald-News – Once again Cabin Creek in Sulphur Well is planning a day of historic fun, held in conjunction with the Sunday portion of festivities at the Sulphur Well Homecoming.

“We will offer a meal made with no modern cooking methods. Everything we have will be cooked the old fashioned way, with cast iron cooking implements over a fire,” said Cabin Creek proprietor, Dean Rowe.

Boiled potatoes and corn, beans, cornbread and a smoked ham and homemade cobblers will be offered. Rowe and his longtime friend, Dale Houk will be doing the cooking, along with Rowe’s grandson Jordan, who is participating for the first time.

The meal is free, however, donations are accepted and all proceeds will go to support the North Metcalfe Fire Department.

In addition to food, tours of Cabin Creek will be offered. The cabin, blacksmith shop and grounds, still a work in progress, were all made with history in mind, and who visit Cabin Creek will get to see what life was like in the 1800’s.

The food will be ready to eat at noon on Sunday August 19, all are welcome.



A section of the log chinking in the blacksmith shop was left exposed to show visitors the proper way chinking was done in the 1800s.







Rowe has filled the blacksmith shop with old, era appropriate machinery.

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