Racing to the finish line

The Green River Catfish Festival Terrapin Race began early on July 4, as the kids had their turtles checked out by Kenny Kemp to make sure they had the right kind of turtles to enter in the race.  Then they moved onto the signup area where they received a number for their turtles.  After the child gave their name they each received a coupon for one free snow cone for the Snow Shack from Jones Funeral Chapel & Monument Company.   

This year the location was on the basketball court at the city park. Everyone was wondering how the turtles would react to the concrete.  Needless to say, it didn’t stop them, actually, the event seemed to move faster this year.   

This event was enjoyed by all.  There were 216 entries this year. Kids were allowed to enter two turtles each.  There was a total of 18 heats and each first-place winner of those heats went into a separate box to race the final race for the championship.   

The committee has the event set up bright and early that morning. the event runs smoothly every year.  The sponsors play a big part in this event.  So a big thank you needs to go out to them, Cassia Lodge # 272, Jones Funeral Chapel & Monument Company, Henderson Land Surveying, Butler County Shrine Club, Beechtreenews, and Drake’s Farm Service.   

The Trophies for the turtle race this year were made by and donated by Bullseye Taxidermy. Owner RB Griffin said, “glad the kids enjoyed the trophies. I look forward to doing it again next year.”  


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