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Community alive at the fair

Jennifer Moonsong, Jobe Publishing Regional – For anyone who thinks there is no longer a sense of community in the world, they clearly didn’t go to the Metcalfe County fair this year.

A few short years ago, the fair went through a difficult time and attendance fell rapidly. But like any small town institution, it has taken root again and continues to grow.

I was pleased to see people of all ages and walks of life enjoying the various activities; the old fellows in overalls watching the mule pull, the young, squealing children feeling the thrill of their first exhilarating carnival ride, the men and women on horseback trotting across the fairgrounds.

From the gatekeepers to the young ladies working the concession stand, everyone was helpful, kind and glad to be a part of the tradition. And that was refreshing, in a world that has become all too “me first” and “every man for himself”.

Perhaps the best part of what I witnessed this week at the fair was the preservation of traditions, and not only the traditions like mule pulling and rodeoing, but the traditional fair-going itself.

Anymore, it seems like people don’t really do things together as a family. Rather than going out in participating in community endeavors they choose to stay home with the comfort of their electronics, everybody position in front of their own personal screens watching something, as the real world passes then by.

So, it was especially refreshing to see kids at play, out running though the grass and gravel, sun-tanned faces and sweat on their brow. That fun after all is the timeless sort.

I applaud those who have worked so hard to keep the Metcalfe County Fair alive and thriving for our community. It is a massive undertaking and it has been handled with grace and dedication.

I look forward to seeing what next year  offers!


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