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Back on the Farm

Wood carving at Peace Valley.

Peace Valley Produce Market had their Sixth Annual Farm Days on June 15 and June 16. People were just standing around talking and taking life easy while they enjoyed the free fried pies and cold ice tea. Don’t forget the firebrick oven pizza that is available every Friday but will be available all during the Farm Day celebration weekend. It is made fresh while you wait and it is so good.  

The greenhouse was no longer filled with plants now it was filled with all kinds of pies, cookies, cakes, fried pies and numerous types of bread that you could purchase at the bake sale.    

The children and adults alike were cooling off with some hand-cranked ice cream.    

There were kittens, a pony and some goats in the petting zoo, for the kids to enjoy feeding and petting. If you were small enough, you could get a pony ride.   

The wood carving and broom making, rug weaving, and other craft demonstrations were a joy to watch and take you back to a simpler time when we had time to do things ourselves and take pride in our work.   

The vegetables were all laid out inside the little store and what a nice variety there was, picked and ready for you to bag up, take home and prepare.  Peppers, onions, tomatoes, squash, cabbage, lettuce and more were available for purchase.  

One of the main attractions was the old-time wagon rides which took about 20 minutes round trip.  People were lined up and waiting to get their turn to reminisce while riding around the property.   

All in all, Peace Valley community hope that people enjoyed time with them over the weekend at Farm Days and hopes to see everyone back soon.  

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