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Sulphur Lick enlivened by store’s revival




Last Thursday, May 17, marked Grand Opening Day for the Sulphur Lick Store at 7017 Sulphur Lick Road (Highway 839). Residents of the nearby countryside in northwestern Monroe County will no longer have to venture into the city to purchase a sandwich and an ice cream cone or shop for decor items and gifts.

A store was first opened at the location in 1936 by the Denham family and passed down through a couple of generations and other owners before closing its doors a few years ago. Current owners Kendall and Ethan Brown, Kendall’s parents Stacey and Kenny McPherson, and brother Kaelin McPherson.are excited to be breathing new life into the spot. “We kept the original floors, shelves and countertops. We wanted to preserve as much of the classic old country store look and feel as we could,” says Kendall in a phone interview. The family group purchased the store in October of 2017.

Offerings will include hand-dipped ice cream, refinished vintage, and other home decor and gift items with a country flavor,”farmhouse finds” and more. They’ll also be serving up homemade breakfasts starting at 5 a.m. every day.

A happy ice cream customer on Opening Day.

“Opening day was great,” Kendall says. “We’re really happy about the community response. And people are really loving the ice cream.”

Although the hours, she says, may be revised as the owners see how traffic flows, the Sulphur Lick Store is currently open from 5 a.m. till 6 p.m., For more information, find the Sulphur Lick Store on Facebook or Instagram or call (270) 407-9423 or (270) 270-427-6806.

(Photos courtesy of Amanda Melton White)


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