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Barren County voters finalize fall ballot

Staff Report Barren County voters headed to the polls Tuesday to select their party’s candidates for the November General Election.  Voter turnout in Barren County was 20.65-percent of the county’s 31,270 registered voters.  The total number of ballots cast was 6,458.

With the Primary Election finished, the ballot for the fall election is complete with the exception of candidates for Mayor and City Council in Cave City, Mayor and City Commission in Park City, and local school boards, all of which have August filing deadlines and are non-partisan races.

Democratic Primary Results

Incumbent Jailer Tracy Bellamy handily defeated challengers Justin G. Kirkpatrick and Lloyd Bean Jr. in the race to become their party’s candidate for Barren County Jailer. Bellamy received 2,028 votes while Kirkpatrick received 889 and Bean tallied 442. Bellamy will face Republican Aaron Bennett in November.

Tim Gibson, the current Barren County Coroner was the top vote-getter on the Democratic side of Tuesday’s ballot. He received 2,383 votes compared to Jason Forbis’ 960 votes. Gibson will have no opposition in November.

Samuel Kenneth Gray emerged as the Democratic candidate for Magistrate in the 5th District. He received 209 votes, narrowly defeating Beverly Bradshaw Harbison with 196 votes while Chris Beckham received 156 votes. Gray will face Republican Mark Bowman in November.

Incumbent 6th District Magistrate Charles Allen fended off four challengers for the seat he fills. Allen tallied 265 votes while Billy Hampton received 130, Candice Overstreet garnered 110, Sammy Monroe received 73, while Garry Minor received 49 votes. Allen will be challenged by Republican Kenneth A. Sartin in the fall.

In the race for 4th District Constable, Gary Allen Thomas received 228 votes to defeat incumbent Charles E. Shaw who received 195 votes while Russ Mosier received 70. Thomas has no opposition in the November election.

Jason Logsdon handily defeated his opponent for 6th District Constable. Logsdon tallied 394 votes compared to Sam Compton’s 144 votes.

In the Democratic Primary for 2nd District Congressman, Barren County resident Brian Pedigo received 1,673 votes which Rane Sessions tallied 398, Hank Linderman received 385, and Grant Short received 413. Across the 2nd Congressional District, Linderman emerged as the Democratic nominee with 12,232 votes. He will face incumbent Brett Guthrie in the General Election.

Republican Primary Results

In the race to become the Republican nominee for Barren County Judge / Executive, Gary Tilghman received 1,705 votes while Freddie Joe Wilkerson tallied 1,108 votes. Tilghman will challenge incumbent Democrat Micheal Hale in November.

Helena Chase Birdwell emerged as the GOP’s top vote getter in Barren County, receiving 1,757 votes in her bid to become the Republican candidate for Barren County Clerk. Her opponent, Larry Hammer, received 1,111 votes. Birdwell will face Democrat Sherry Phillips Jones in the General Election.

Another political newcomer, Aaron Bennett defeated Aaron Shirley in their bid to become the Republican candidate for Barren County Jailer. Bennett tallied 1,671 votes compared to Shirley’s 1,071 votes. Bennett will challenge incumbent Democrat Tracy Bellamy in November.

In the race for 5th District Magistrate, Mark Bowman received 219 votes compared to Eric Spillman’s 185 votes. In November, Bowman will face Democrat Samuel Gray for the seat.

Incumbent Charles David Bunch emerged as the winner in the race for 3rd District Constable. Bunch received 262 votes to defeat James Seeley who received 134 votes. Bunch has no opposition in the November election.

The November Ballot

With both Democrats and Republicans finaling their respective candidates, here’s what the November General Election ballot will look like:

BARREN COUNTY JUDGE / EXECUTIVE: Micheal Hale (D)*, Gary R. Tilghman (R)

BARREN COUNTY CLERK: Sherry Phillips Jones (D), Helena Chase Birdwell (R)

BARREN COUNTY ATTORNEY: Kathryn Thomas (D), Mike Richardson (R)

BARREN COUNTY JAILER: Tracy Bellamy (D)*, Aaron Bennett (R)




CIRCUIT COURT CLERK: Krissie Coe Fields (D)*

COUNTY SURVEYOR Ashton McPherson (D)*

MAGISTRATE – DISTRICT 1 Scotty Mitchell (D), Jeffrey Carlton Botts (R)

MAGISTRATE – DISTRICT 2 Trent Riddle (D)*, Bobby Burgess (R)

MAGISTRATE – DISTRICT 3 Bud Tarry (D), Carl Howard Dickerson (R)*

MAGISTRATE – DISTRICT 4 Trevor Phillips (D), Tim Coomer (R)

MAGISTRATE – DISTRICT 5 Samuel Kenneth Gray (D), Mark Bowman (R)

MAGISTRATE – DISTRICT 6 Charles Allen (D)*, Kenneth A. Sartin (R)

MAGISTRATE – DISTRICT 7 Billy R. Houchens (D)*, Samantha C. Saltsman (R)

CONSTABLE – DISTRICT 1 Michael Sublett (D)

CONSTABLE – DISTRICT 2 Stuart Huddleston (R)

CONSTABLE – DISTRICT 3 Charles David Bunch (R)*

CONSTABLE – DISTRICT 4 Gary Allen Thomas (D), Dustin Riley Neal (R)

CONSTABLE – DISTRICT 5 Chris Furlong (D)

CONSTABLE – DISTRICT 6 Jason Logsdon (D)

CONSTABLE – DISTRICT 7 George “Buddy” Houchens (D)*

GLASGOW MAYOR – NON-PARTISAN Harold “M.D.” Armstrong, Dick Doty*

GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL – NON-PARTISAN Terry L. Bunnell, Harold Carmack, Sheri Eubank, Patrick Gaunce*, Stephen Greenwood, Brad Groce*, Greg Harris*, Wendell Harris Honeycutt*, Jeffrey Jaggers, Cory Jones, Marna Kirkpatrick*, Chasity Lowery*, James “Happy” Neal*, Gary Norman, Freddie M. Norris*, Gary Oliver*, Libby Pruitt Short, Joe Trigg, Marlin Witcher*.  Voters may vote for up to 12 candidates.

U.S. Representative, 2nd District Hank Linderman (D), S. Brett Guthrie (R)*

State Representative, 23rd District LaToya Drake (D), Steve Riley (R)*

Family Court Judge – Non-partisan Mica Wood Pence, Traci Peppers* (appointed incumbent)

Judge, 43rd District Court – Non-partisan Gabe Pendleton*

Commonwealth’s Attorney, 43rd Circuit John Bishop Gardner (D)*

Candidates for Cave City City Council, Park City Commission, and local school boards have an August filing deadline.


  1. Bette Dutton on May 22, 2018 at 10:13 pm

    Thank you for giving the Barren County election results. Clear and concise. Daily News you blew it.

  2. Dorine Reece on May 23, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    Thank you for giving Barren County election results , I had wanted to know the results and you explain it very clear that is what I as and 84 year old needed, thanks again

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