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Logsdon says Sheriff Doyle retaliated against his staff

“Liars and criminals are under the protection by the Edmonson County Sheriff” – Attorney Crystal Thompson

By Jeff Jobe

The day after the May 16, 2018 issue of the Edmonson News in which a story about civil rights violations against juveniles was published, an associate attorney with the local law firm Logsdon and Associates, Crystal Thompson, was searched in Edmonson County Court House.

Gary Logsdon released to the Edmonson News the following statement. “The search of my employee and the call to my office by Sheriff Doyle were intended to harass and intimidate my staff and I for the filing of the two (2) high speed chase injury lawsuits and coming directly on the heels of the publication of the article carried by the Edmonson County newspaper on the day before these events is too related to be dismissed as mere coincidence.”

The Edmonson News reported that on May 8, Brownsville attorney Gary Logsdon and attorney Greg Belzley of Prospect, filed a lawsuit on behalf of Wendy Browning, the mother of an injured juvenile. According to the legal filing, Belzley specializes in police misconduct and abuse of power cases involving law enforcement.

Logsdon’s release went on to say, “The filing by my office of the civil rights lawsuit against the local Sheriff’s Office on behalf of the juveniles severely injured in an unwarranted and illegal high speed chase incident reported widely in your newspaper, my Associate Attorney, Crystal Thompson, who has been employed by my office for several months and is well known by all court room personnel upon entering the court house was approached by Bailiff of the Edmonson Circuit Court and Edmonson District Court, McDougal, an employee of the ECSO who requested to search her purse as he had been advised that she (Crystal Thompson) was reported to have a gun in her purse which Ms. Thompson emphatically denied. Ms. Thompson refused to submit to the search requesting instead a search warrant be provided.”

The suit filed and printed in the Edmonson News detailed how an unconscious 14-year old was tased by an Edmonson County Sheriff’s Deputy Jordan Jones and had been omitted from a report written by Jones and provided to the Edmonson News by County Attorney Greg Vincent.

If it were not for the documents released by the Warren County Sheriff Peanuts Gaines’ deputies which gave details of the unresponsive juvenile being tased, Edmonson County citizens and the parent of the juvenile wouldn’t ever have known.

Doyle has refused to investigate the omission by his deputy Jones although three magistrates have been confirmed to have requested him to look into this matter.

In a statement from Thompson she wrote, “Strangely and importantly, Sheriff Doyle and County Attorney Greg Vincent when asked to identify the source of the report that I was entering court with a gun in her purse advised that they knew the identity of the person making the report but would not divulge to me the identity of the liar.”

Thompson continued, “Stranger to me still is the incentive of the Edmonson County Law Enforcement Establishment (Sheriff and County Attorney) to protect the liar and further still to not prosecute the liar for falsely reporting an incident which is a crime in Kentucky under KRS 519.040 (Falsely Reporting and Incident). The Local Law Enforcement Establishment will neither identify nor prosecute the source of this harassment and intimidation. This is the point to which Law Enforcement in Edmonson County has devolved. Now liars and criminals are under the active protection of the Local Sheriff.”

In a phone conversation with Thompson she said, “I was absolutely humiliated in front of my peers, and a full court room.” She said, “Mr. Jobe, they were looking inside my personal items in the purse until Judge Patton stopped them.”

Thompson said she has worked there for years and the court knows her, law enforcement knows her, and she does all she can to honor the courts and the families she serves. She closed saying, “This particular case is defending the most innocent – an unconscious child – and I get attacked because of it.”

Thompson said she fears actions such as those described will, if not corrected, destroy justice in Edmonson County. “I worry that if they will do such things right in front our legal system what in the world will they do to people in the dark and beside of the road when nobody is watching. The next time could be worse than tasing a juvenile.”

The Edmonson News has confirmed with Special Judge Phil Patton that the incident did occur. The Edmonson News has also contacted County Attorney Greg Vincent and Edmonson County Sheriff Shane Doyle for comment; neither had responded at the time of publication of this news story.

This story will be updated as it develops. Watch for details in the upcoming edition of the Edmonson News.



  1. Pat mcgary on May 19, 2018 at 9:59 am

    If Gary said this is what happen. Then it did!!!! Amen. Amen. He’s right and everyone knows it

  2. Angel on May 19, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    They’d so much unsaid on my sons behalf. We as in me and both my sons has been harassed for quite some time by officer Jordan jones. He pulled my son out of that wreck by the hair of the head and started punching him in the ribs then throwing him to the grown. Then they took him to the hospital where Jordan jones would not let me see my son or now his condition but told me over the phone” he thought he could out run me again but I had to prove him wrong as he laughed. Then he goes to say he had to go that Brandon was getting c cath and he had to see this!! Brandon begging for them to please go back out into the hall Jordan jones be littled him threw the cath.. Theta so much that’s not known and I can be reached anytime.. I’m very worried and stressed and scared that these officers are going to end up shooting one of my sons cause of there not trained. Angela Cannon mother of the Embry boys..

  3. Scott Mello on May 20, 2018 at 10:00 am

    Do you want to live in a county where your Sheriff’s department has a personal vendetta against you, where lack of training, experience and common sense exist? I don’t. I want to live in a county where you can call the Sheriff’s department and be treated with respect no matter what the issue. If you want the things that I want go to the polls Tuesday and vote for Amanda Coniglio.

  4. Ronnie on May 27, 2018 at 9:22 am

    I believe this with all my heart. I have seen this with my own eyes. My wife is afraid to leave our house for fear of being harassed and singled out. If any of you think you are safe in this county, you are so wrong. If the Edmonson County sheriffs department ever pulls you over, immediately call the state police and get your phone to record what is happening. You most likely will get a charge of possession of meth. They automatically call anything they can’t identify as meth residue. Once they charge you, you are definitely guilty until proven innocent. I know. Also, keep your car squeaky clean on the inside. You can have an unwrapped straw in your floorboard and they can and will call it paraphernalia. They have called tools in my glove box paraphernalia. Yes, you are not immune to the lies and manipulation of the Edmonson County Sheriffs Department. Sheriff Doyle may be a good man, but some of his deputies are most definitely CORRUPT. It’s like they are trained to insure a conviction at any cost. Asked for a Warrant. Do not give them permission to search your vehicle. If you don’t have money for a good lawyer, you are going to be in jail a long time. I am so serious people, you are at risk in this county. Gary and Crystal are good people. If you don’t believe me, just look at the court records as of late. Any so called violation for anything usually will have a meth residue charge added to it. That is prison time and you are not immune. Just because you win an election, that doesn’t make you a sheriff, that makes you a winner. Be afraid Edmonson county. Be afraid.

  5. Anonymous on May 14, 2022 at 9:33 am

    A lot of this stuff that is being said about officer Jordan Jones is just wrong. I personally know officer jones, and it just confuses me about how all these bad articles are coming out the week before election. The media is corrupt. Just wait until dashcams come out. Jordan is a great man and he doesn’t deserve the hate, I always have been treated with the upmost respect no matter what officer is on duty. Comply and everything will go good for you. Thank you

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