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Saving a child is worth ruffling feathers

Mr. Jobe,

Your article written in the Edmonson News about the child accused of “hit list” is a breath of fresh air for any parent who has had a child bullied. I spoke Sunday at church and used your article. It isn’t the first I have used but this one really resonated.

Every single person in our small groups could name a child, or speak first hand to bullying. We also agreed you surely ruffled feathers.

Mr Jobe this young man could very well have been destroyed if you hadn’t stepped in. Not any intention at all but because of the guidelines placed on schools and law enforcement to keep kids protected and not mention names; you stepping in was amazing to my group. We are sure the superintendent is appreciative as well.

Please know that my Small group is praying for others to step up for our children. Allowing them to be bullied is without a doubt part of the issues we see happening today with all the violence.

Also making these children seem like criminals won’t help either.
The bullies, the children bullied and all our community will be hurt. Thank you sir for protecting all kids, even ones wrongly accused of terrible things.

You surely gave this kid his life back and someday he will thank you personally.
Stephanie Wright

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