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Free lunch/peace of mind


Looking for good ideas and sharing them is something I very much enjoy doing. This week’s idea isn’t new to some I’m sure but for others it could actually make the proverbial light go off in school officials’ heads as it did mine.

On April 23rd, Butler County Schools began providing free breakfast and lunches to all first responders, police officers, and deputies in an effort to increase presence of armed law enforcement on school campuses.

Officers and first responders in uniform with identification were invited to join each school for a meal and according to school organizers, they feel it will also allow them to become familiar with their facilities in the event of an emergency. The press release from Superintendent Scott Howard and Nutrition Director Kaitlin Harrison detailed their desire for this opportunity to build positive relationships between our students and officers/responders while increasing law enforcement presence on school campuses.

I absolutely endorse this Butler County program and encourage all schools to look into making similar situations available. As a local business owner and parent of 3 children educated in public schools, I can see no better way to increase safety than having the men and women dedicated to keeping us safe be right there. What better way to give us peace of mind than knowing our children have uniformed paramedics, firemen, EMTs, ambulance drivers, and officers sitting and chatting with them for two time blocks a day.

The old approach of chasing kids around town, showing up when there is a problem and arresting them does little more than help push them down a wrong path. Just imagine how having an ambulance driver or fire fighter at the table would certainly shut down the bully. Most bullies are cowards, whether children or adults, and having these dedicated professionals on site would be amazing.

Thank you, Superintendent Scott Howard, for such a wonderful common sense, affordable approach to encourage school safety.

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