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Fair and accurate Doyle Brothers commentary

I thought your editorial on ‘the Doyle brothers’ was fair and accurate and very well presented. It needed to be done.
Ever since I anchored the news on WBKO-TV starting in the early 1970’s, I have digested a lot of Edmonson County news and politics. As you probably know, the office of sheriff there has had an elongated history of negativity with in-fighting, lawsuits, and accusations of malfeasance. I don’t think I can recall any term that wasn’t embroiled in some kind of controversy!

It’s time for Doyle to go. Surely, they can find someone to run that office who has a brain and can perform in that position as it was mandated by lawmakers.

Great reporting! Great insight! Great job you are doing with Billy and Cathy’s ‘baby’!!!
Mike Giorgio

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