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Chief Henry pleads 5th Amendment in case

Staff Report

The Horse Cave Police Department has been a top news story in recent weeks after Federal Bureau of Investigations and Kentucky State Police officials descended on the department, seizing records and electronic devices as part of an investigation.  Both federal and state law enforcement agencies have remained silent about the investigation, offering no details.   

More recently, Officer Larry D. Martin was terminated because of his inability to carry a firearm due to his involvement in a federal wire fraud case in Monroe County.  Chief Sean Henry and Officer Chris Trulock were recently moved from paid administrative leave to unpaid administrative leave. 

Days after the announcement of their change of status, Henry and Trulock appeared in Hart County District Court to testify in a preliminary hearing in a case involving a defendant arrested by the HCPD.  Represented by Glasgow attorney Johnny Bell, the defendant was potentially facing felony drug charges based on the outcome of the hearing to determine if there was probable cause.  If the court found probable cause, the case would be handed over to Circuit Court. 

The court allowed Bell the opportunity to ask a single question of Henry.  While the action is unusual, it is accepted court procedure.  Bell asked Henry, “Did you plant drugs on my client?”  Henry responded by pleading the 5th Amendment. 

Pleading the 5th Amendment is not an admission of guilt; however, it protects an individual from being compelled in a criminal case to be a witness against himself.  Henry told the court his attorney had advised him the plead the 5th Amendment. 

The case was ultimately dismissed.  Two additional cases involving arrests by HCPD officers were also dismissed on the same day. 

The Horse Cave Police Department, the City of Horse Cave, KSP, and FBI have had no comment on the matter including if the dismissed cases were part of the ongoing investigation of the department. 

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  1. Jones on March 30, 2018 at 5:35 pm

    That’s because the hart county wants there heads! Both of them are stand up guys they don’t deserve this!

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