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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Infrastructure investment of great importance


As a Monroe Co. native and construction professional employing approximately 120 workers in this region who has worked on numerous state & municipal highway construction projects over the past 30+ years, I want to share a few thoughts about the importance of additional investment in transportation infrastructure to keep our traveling public safely moving & Kentucky economically strong & competitive.

The safety of our roads is a primary concern. We travel these roads daily & see the need for such things as structurally sound bridges to carry our ambulances & school buses, straightening out curves and addition of guard rail near steep shoulders to avoid accidents, and widening roads to conserve precious time at home with family. Providing a safe and efficient transportation system is among the most essential services that our tax dollars support.

A good transportation infrastructure creates opportunity for businesses to thrive through the easy movement of people and products. More than $500 billion in freight flows through Kentucky annually, and transportation brings in visitors who contribute almost $14.5 billion to our economy. A vast majority of road projects also has funding to update existing utilities. These utility improvements allow growing municipalities to better serve their communities with funds that otherwise wouldn’t be available if not for highway funding.

As it stands now, Cleary Construction Inc. pursues or preforms work in 8 different states and most of our annual volume is unfortunately preformed outside the state of Kentucky. Working in different states gives us a unique perspective on this subject and put simply, our commonwealth isn’t keeping up with the states around us. We need an infrastructure program that supports our workforce at home, as Cleary Construction, Inc. hopes to continue supporting our community for many years to come.

That’s why, Cleary Construction Inc. & Rock Solutions LLC. are members of Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors and joins a host of other transportation trade associations and advocates supporting the Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition. The KIC also includes farmers, local leaders, manufacturers and more than 40,000 transportation workers with a voice for safe, reliable, efficient transportation across our state.

Please join us in reaching out to our state legislature and policymakers to reinforce the importance of investing in transportation infrastructure in our great state of Kentucky and supporting House Bill 609. We must maintain the infrastructure we have today and build for our future.

Darren Cleary
Cleary Construction Inc.
Rock Solutions LLC.

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