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Barren County Candidate Filings

Barren County voters now know who will be on the ballot for both the Democratic and Republican Primary Elections in May.  The following individuals have filed to run for elected office in Barren County by the 4 p.m. deadline on Tuesday, January 30.

Barren County Judge / Executive
Micheal Hale (D), Incumbent
Gary R. Tilghman (R)
Freddie Joe Wilkerson (R)

Barren County Clerk
Sherry Phillips Jones (D)
Helena Chase Birdwell (R)
Larry Hammer (R)

Barren County Attorney
Kathryn Thomas (D)
Mike Richardson (R)

Barren County Jailer
Lloyd Bean Jr. (D)
Tracy Bellamy (D), Incumbent
Justin G. Kirkpatrick (D)
Aaron Bennett (R)
Aaron Shirley (R)

Barren County Sheriff
Kent Keen (D), Incumbent

Barren County Coroner
Jason Forbis (D)
Timothy O. Gibson (D) Incumbent

Barren County Property Valuation Administrator
Bradford Scott Bailey (D), Incumbent
Kim Shipley (R)

Circuit Court Clerk
Krissie Coe Fields (D), Incumbent

County Surveyor
Ashton McPherson (D) Incumbent

Magistrate – District 1
John Richard Benningfield (D) Incumbent
Scotty Mitchell (D)
Jeffrey Carlton Botts (R)

Magistrate – District 2
Trent Riddle (D), Incumbent
Bobby Burgess (R)

Magistrate – District 3
Bud Tarry (D)
Carl Howard Dickerson (R), Incumbent

Magistrate – District 4
Trevor Phillips (D)
Tim Coomer (R)

Magistrate – District 5
Chris Beckham (D)
Samuel Kenneth Gray (D)
Beverly Bradshaw Harbison (D)
Mark Bowman (R)
Eric Spillman (R)

Magistrate – District 6
Charles Allen (D), Incumbent
Billy Hampton (D)
Garry Minor (D)
Sammy Monroe (D)
Candice Overstreet (D)
Kenneth A. Sartin (R)

Magistrate – District 7
Billy R. Houchens (D), Incumbent
Samantha C. Saltsman (R)

Constable – District 1
Michael Sublett (D)

Constable – District 2
Stuart Huddleston (R)

Constable – District 3
Charles David Bunch (R), Incumbent
James Seeley (R)

Constable – District 4
Russ Mosier (D)
Charles E. Shaw (D), Incumbent
Gary Allen Thomas (D)
Dustin Neal (R)

Constable – District 5
Chris Furlong (D)

Constable – District 6
Sam Compton (D)
Jason Logsdon (D)

Constable – District 7
George “Buddy” Houchens (D) Incumbent

Glasgow Mayor – Non-partisan
Harold “M.D.” Armstrong
Dick Doty, Incumbent

Glasgow City Council – Non-partisan (12)
Terry L. Bunnell
Harold Carmack
Sheri Eubank
Patrick Gaunce, Incumbent
Stephen Greenwood
Brad Groce, Incumbent
Greg Harris, Incumbent
Wendell Harris Honeycutt, Incumbent
Jeffrey Jaggers
Cory Jones
Marna Kirkpatrick, Incumbent
Chasity Lowery, Incumbent
James “Happy” Neal, Incumbent
Gary Norman
Freddie M. Norris, Incumbent
Gary Oliver, Incumbent
Libby Pruitt Short
Joe Trigg
Marlin Witcher, Incumbent

U.S. Representative, 2nd District
Brian Pedigo (D)
Rane Eir Olivia Sessions (D)
Grant Short (D)
Brett Guthrie (R), Incumbent

State Representative, 23rd District
LaToya Drake (D)
Steve Riley (R), Incumbent

Family Court Judge, Division 2, 43rd Circuit – Non-partisan
Mica Wood Pence
Traci Peppers

Judge, 43rd District Court – Non-partisan
Gabe Pendleton, Incumbent

Commonwealth’s Attorney, 43rd Circuit
John Bishop Gardner (D), Incumbent

Candidates for Cave City City Council, Park City Commission, and local school boards have an August filing deadline.




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