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MICA WOOD PENCE: Rooted & Grounded in The Barrens

By Sam Terry
Managing Editor
Jobe Publishing, Inc.

Describing life in Glasgow and Barren County as “small enough so that everyone is family but big enough to allow opportunities,” Mica Wood Pence said living elsewhere was never a serious consideration. For her, growing up in the Temple Hill area was a unique blend of family and community that rooted and grounded her in such a way that she always knew she would return to Barren County to work and raise a family.

The Barren County High School graduate completed her undergraduate studies at Georgetown College with a solid 4.0 grade point average. Then, it was off to the University of Kentucky College of Law where she continued the same level of academic excellence.

Armed with her law degree, Mica was ready to return to Barren County to practice law. “It’s all about family. All of my mom’s family is here, except one sister, and all live within a 7-mile radius. This is home to me,” Mica explained.

Upon going to work as an attorney, Mica found she had more than a genetic family supporting her. “It’s been incredible practicing law here. As soon as I got here, it was like an automatic new family – my bar family – that is great about helping you be successful,” Mica said.

“In law, the entire point is to argue – you always have an adversary on the other side. The legal community here is so different, they’re so supportive of each other. They’re great about giving you pointers about a type of law you’re not experienced in or referring clients. That part of the legal family I didn’t expect and I find it’s unique to this area,” Mica said.

Mica’s support system also extends beyond her blood family and her bar family to the people she knew growing up. “Having grown up here, I think it’s hard for my parents’ contemporaries to image me being more than 15 years old. It’s hard for them to imagine me having the ability to have an impact on their lives now. It’s humbling to have those people call me and put their trust in me to help make decisions in their own lives, whether it be planning their estate and doing their will or hiring me for a child’s divorce or to fight for grandparents’ rights,” Mica explained. “It’s very humbling to have them put their lives, basically, in my hands.”

Asked what she believes is a selling point for Barren County as a place to live and raise a family, Mica immediately noted the excellent school systems. “Our schools have created such amazing opportunities here for young people that prepare them for later in life.” She added that she hopes to see more opportunities for young people right out of school. For those seeking higher education and training, she envisions Glasgow and Barren County becoming the place they want to come back to for their adult lives.

The sense of community ranks high in Mica’s list of attributes she finds appealing in Glasgow and Barren County. “If you’re looking to raise a family, this is a great place to be,” Mica said, adding that she and her husband Wayne, have discovered new circles of support since the birth of their son, Chandler. “There’s always someone nearby who’s there to help you. It’s the sort of place that if I leave my garage door open, I’m going to get at least three text messages telling me that I did. You’re not going to find that in a large city.”

Mica Wood Pence is one of the founding members of the Young Professionals and serves as the group’s President-elect. She specializes in the practice of Family Law in the Law Office of Cheryl Berry.

This is the fourth in our series, “Forty under Forty,” highlighting 40 Barren County residents, all under the age of 40, who are bringing vitality and vision to their careers, professions, and the local community.

Learn more about Mica Wood Pence and her journey back to her home community of Barren County on Friday, November 24 with Kelly McKay on NASH Icon 103.7

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