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Caverna Elementary 3rd Annual Leadership Day

Keaundra Thomas

Third-grader Keaundra Thomas presents the work she and her class have been doing on their Chromebooks as guests visit her Google classroom. Thomas told the group she enjoys being able to work on assignments as she completes them and enjoys the videos her teacher shares with the class. Photo Rayna Glass

By Rayna Glass
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For the third year in a row members of the community were invited to attend Caverna Elementary School’s leadership day, The Leader in Me.

Students took charge- welcoming guests, dividing attendees into various groups, and leading a tour throughout the school and into various classrooms to see all the happenings of Caverna Elementary School.

Lighthouse Leaders, Shelby Branning, Tate Southwood, Jayannah Nuckols, and Jania Redman – older students elected by their classmates to lead in various positions for the school- conducted the tours and informed their groups of not only the current projects at Caverna, but their goals for the future. Star reading charts, kindergarten counters, next grade preparedness, and the kindness tree were among a few of the several colorful displays lining the hallways celebrating students and tracking success.

Groups had the opportunity to go inside Google classrooms to see how students were using their Chromebooks, given to the school through a grant from DART. Accelerated Reading, assignments, quizzes, and more were being done through the Chromebooks, allowing students to engage with each other in discussion over the topics they were learning about.

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Not only were students learning through technology, but class projects as well. As Mrs. Gilpin’s first grade class read about the life cycle of chickens on their Chromebooks, they were watching it happen in the back of their classroom under an incubator light. In Mrs. Thompson’s third grade class, students shared not only their English lessons, but the garden growing in the back of their classroom. Through Juice Plus the third grade class is growing tomatoes and lettuce, free of soil, and have even had the opportunity to enjoy their “delicious lettuce.”

In the final event of the day the group was brought back together in the gymnasium as students of all ages presented their STEM projects. Projects, chosen and conducted by students, ranged from drag racing and Lego Robots to Lighthouse Erosion, growing green beans in plastic bags, sinkhole cleanup, lava lamps, and many more.

The projects were not built to stay in the gym; however, several students will take theirs on to compete. In April STLP students will take their Lego robot to Lexington to compete and the miniature drag racing cars will go on to compete as well. The students who researched sinkholes will participate in a community cleanup project March 25.

As the day’s events came to a wrap Principal Tina Southwood reiterated what attendees had witnessed throughout the day, “Today is about the kids and their roles as leaders.”

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