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Money for liberal state PAC came from teachers’ unions, out of state groups

LEXINGTON, KY—Nearly half the money contributed last year to a political action committee that opposed Republican candidates in state legislative races came from teacher’s PACS and teachers’ union PACs that oppose school choice and charter schools, and more than two-thirds of the contributions came from out-of-state.

Kentucky Family Values received $3,300,769 in the Fall 2016 general election, $1,375,000 that came from teachers’ PACs. And, of that $3,300,769, $2,216,279 came from out of state.

“Kentucky Family Values spent its money supporting Democrats and opposing Republicans in state legislative races,” said Martin Cothran spokesman for the group. “These are groups that represent the educational status quo in this state who are now asking the very people whose election they opposed to give credence to their arguments against parental choice.”

 In the two months immediately prior to the Fall 2014 general election, Kentucky Family Values received $1,617,575, over half of which was from out-of-state entities and $650,000 of which was contributed by teachers’ groups.

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